Shipment Policy

  1. In the area where the company has a direct delivery route, the company will deliver the goods to the customer at the location registered by the customer.In other areas: Customers receive goods at the warehouse of (In case the customer needs to ship via the carrier, the customer will bear the shipping cost)Delivery time of the day or 3-7 days depending on the service package and product that the customer is using. (In some special cases, the delivery time will be notified to the customer upon order confirmation.)Installation policy.
    For orders for repair services, depending on the nature of the repair request, we may apply the on-site repair method or the goods will be shipped to our warehouse.– implements the installation/construction of products at the customer’s request.

    – We can install for free or charge depending on some products.

    – For products that require the use of’s own technical or operating software, we will provide them to ensure safety and quality.

    In case the customer installs the product by himself, installs the software, the customer must be responsible for the technique as well as all risks related to the product and people.